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25px|link=Wikispecies: lot. Thryothorus maculipectus
Thryothorus maculipectus

?Kategorija:Nenurodytas lietuviškas pavadinimas Thryothorus maculipectus Lafresnaye, 1845, (Passeriformes) būrio (Troglodytidae) šeimos (Thryothorus) genties paukščių rūšis.

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  • Thryothorus maculipectus. BirdLife International (2011) The BirdLife checklist of the birds of the world, with conservation status and taxonomic sources. Version 4. Additional information on this species.
  • 2011 IUCN Red List. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
  • AOU (1998 + supplements) Check-list of North American birds. Seventh edition. Washington, D.C.: American Ornithologists' Union.
  • Sibley, C. G. and Monroe, B. L. (1990) Distribution and taxonomy of birds of the world. New Haven, USA: Yale University Press.
  • Stotz, D. F., Fitzpatrick, J. W., Parker, T. A. and Moskovits, D. K. (1996) Neotropical birds: ecology and conservation. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
  • Thryothorus maculipectus (Sibley and Monroe 1990, 1993) was provisionally split into T. maculipectus, T. colombianus, T. paucimaculatus and T. sclateri by Stotz et al. (1996). T. sclateri has been recognised as a distinct species following SACC (2005), but colombianus and paucimaculatus have been lumped with T. maculipectus following SACC (2005).

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? [r] Thryothorus maculipectus Kategorija:Nebaigti

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? [r] Thryothorus maculipectus Kategorija:Nebaigti

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