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120px-LogoWIKISPECIES01 lot. Platybelone argalus
Keeltail needlefish
Platybelone argalus

? Platybelone argalus Lesueur, 1821, chordinių (Chordata) tipo (Actinopterygii) klasės (Beloniformes) būrio (Belonidae) šeimos (Platybelone) genties rūšis.

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  1.  ? Platybelone argalus annobonensis Collette, Parin, 1970
  2.  ? Platybelone argalus argalus Lesueur, 1821
  3.  ? Platybelone argalus lovii Albert Günther, 1866
  4.  ? Platybelone argalus platyura Bennett, 1832
  5.  ? Platybelone argalus platura Rüppell, 1837
  6.  ? Platybelone argalus pterura Osburn, Nichols, 1916
  7.  ? Platybelone argalus trachura Valenciennes, 1846

Literatūra Redaguoti

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Stipinpelekės žuvys
(Platybelone argalus)
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