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?Kategorija:Nenurodytas lietuviškas pavadinimas Echiodon Thompson, 1837, chordinių (Chordata) tipo (Actinopterygii) klasės (Ophidiiformes) būrio (Carapidae) šeimos gentis.

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  1.  ? Echiodon anchipterus Williams, 1984
  2.  ? Echiodon atopus Anderson, 2005
  3.  ? Echiodon coheni Williams, 1984
  4.  ? Echiodon cryomargarites Markle, Williams, Olney, 1983
  5.  ? Echiodon dawsoni Williams, Shipp, 1982
  6.  ? Echiodon dentatus Cuvier, 1829
  7.  ? Echiodon drummondii Thompson, 1837
  8.  ? Echiodon exsilium Rosenblatt, 1961
  9.  ? Echiodon neotes Markle, Olney, 1990
  10.  ? Echiodon pegasus Markle, Olney, 1990
  11.  ? Echiodon pukaki Markle, Olney, 1990
  12.  ? Echiodon rendahli Whitley, 1941

Literatūra Redaguoti

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