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120px-LogoWIKISPECIES01 lot. Megapodius freycinet
Džiunglinė didžiakojė višta
Apsaugos būklė

Džiunglinė didžiakojė višta - Megapodius freycinet Gaimard, 1823, šiukšliavištinių (Megapodius) genties paukščių rūšis.

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Porūšiai Redaguoti

  1.  ? Megapodius freycinet freycinet Gaimard, 1823
  2.  ? Megapodius freycinet oustaleti C. S. Roselaar, 1994
  3.  ? Megapodius freycinet quoyii G. R. Gray, 1862

Literatūra Redaguoti

  • Megapodius freycinet. BirdLife International (2011) The BirdLife checklist of the birds of the world, with conservation status and taxonomic sources. Version 4. Additional information on this species.
  • 2011 IUCN Red List. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
  • Jones et al. (1995)
  • "Megapodius freycinet (Sibley and Monroe 1990, 1993) has been split into M. freycinet and M. geelvinkianus following Jones et al. (1995). Megapodius forstenii was split, with some justification, from M. reinwardt by Jones et al. (1995), of which it has long been treated as a subspecies. However, Jones et al. (1995) also remark that in structure forstenii is ""close to M. freycinet and (especially) M. geelvinkianus…"" but do not develop the point. However, the case for a close relationship between these forms is supported on mensural and distributional grounds and on the molecular evidence of Birks and Edwards (2002). The BirdLife Taxonomic Working Group therefore does not recognise forstenii as a separate species and consider that it probably best regarded as a subspecies of freycinet."

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  dar 4 šeimos   dar 12 rūšių  
Vištiniai paukščiai
              3 porūšiai
Džiunglinė didžiakojė višta
(Megapodius freycinet)
  dar 27 būriai   dar 6 gentys  

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