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Batrachostomus javensis
Apsaugos būklė

? Batrachostomus javensis Horsfield, 1821, (Caprimulgiformes) būrio (Podargidae) šeimos (Batrachostomus) genties paukščių rūšis.

Išvaizda Redaguoti

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Biologija Redaguoti

Mityba Redaguoti

Paplitimas Redaguoti

Porūšiai Redaguoti

  1.  ? Batrachostomus javensis affinis Blyth, 1847
  2.  ? Batrachostomus javensis chaseni Stresemann, 1937
  3.  ? Batrachostomus javensis continentalis Stresemann, 1937
  4.  ? Batrachostomus javensis javensis Horsfield, 1821

Literatūra Redaguoti

  • Batrachostomus javensis. BirdLife International (2011) The BirdLife checklist of the birds of the world, with conservation status and taxonomic sources. Version 4. Additional information on this species.
  • 2011 IUCN Red List. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
  • Sibley, C. G. and Monroe, B. L. (1990) Distribution and taxonomy of birds of the world. New Haven, USA: Yale University Press.
  • B. pygmaeus described as new to science by Alviola (1997) but this treatment has not been adopted by the BirdLife Taxonomic Working Group, which follows Holyoak (1999) and Dickinson (2003) in regarding pygmaeus as an example of B. javensis.

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Sinonimai Redaguoti

[Redaguoti sinonimus]

Sistematika Redaguoti

  dar 4 šeimos   dar 11 rūšių  
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Azijiniai varliažiočiai
              4 porūšiai
Pelėdiniai lėliai
(Batrachostomus javensis)
  dar 37 būriai   dar 1 gentis  

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