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120px-LogoWIKISPECIES01 lot. Asthenes dorbignyi (2)
Asthenes dorbignyi (2)
Apsaugos būklė
Nežinoma (IUCN 3.1)

? Asthenes dorbignyi Reichenbach, 1853, (Passeriformes) būrio (Furnariidae) šeimos (Asthenes) genties paukščių rūšis.

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Literatūra Redaguoti

  • Asthenes dorbignyi (2). BirdLife International (2011) The BirdLife checklist of the birds of the world, with conservation status and taxonomic sources. Version 4. Additional information on this species.
  • Collar et al. (1992)
  • In Collar et al. (1992, 1994), A. dorbignyi (Sibley and Monroe 1990, 1993) was split into A. dorbignyi, A. huancavelicae (including A. usheri, a form previously considered specifically distinct in Collar and Andrew 1988) and A. arequipae following Fjeldså and Schulenberg (unpublished manuscript). However, evidence for the separate status of A. huancavelicae and A. arequipae was considered insufficient for them to be recognised by Remsen (2003) and Remsen et al. (2005), and thus dorbignyi, huancavelicae and arequipae have subsequently been lumped back into A. dorbignyi following Sibley and Monroe (1990, 1993).

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Sistematika Redaguoti

  dar 90 šeimų   dar 21 rūšis
Žvirbliniai paukščiai
(Asthenes dorbignyi (2))
  dar 27 būriai   dar 66 gentys  

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