FishBase link : {{{1}}} rūšių sąrašas (fr, us)

Use this template to add a reference to an genus on the web site FishBase by providing the genus name.
Since 2008, FishBase does not provide genus pages. This template now provides only a link to the list of species of the genus.
Here is the FishBase that existed in the past for genus Carcharhinus: link
{{FishBase genus |Histrio | Fischer, 1813 }}
{{FishBase genus |Histrio }}
FishBase link : Fischer, 1813 Histrio rūšių sąrašas (fr, us)
FishBase link : Histrio rūšių sąrašas (fr, us)
{{FishBase genus |genusName | author }}
  • genusName
the name of the genus.
Nuvola apps important Warning: avoid leading spaces.
Sample (for Histrio): Histrio
  • author (optional)
The name of the author
Sample (for Histrio): Fischer, 1813
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